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Pastor Timothy D. Son

English Sermon, Hospitable Acceptance, March 22, 2020

Korean Sermon 사랑은 자기극복입니다, Overcoming Self Interest, October 28, 2018

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What an Encouraging Promise

God will praise each one of them.  Not “the best among them” nor “a few chosen ones from them” nor “the most achievers among them,” but God will meet each one and see the unique values in each one of them and ultimately praise each every one of them with God’s pure joy and delight.

The truth of the matter in God’s community is that you won’t be left out.  God will see to that that no child will be left out.  In fact, God will give the praise—first because of your desire to be present, and the second, because of your willingness to obey.  It is granted not by the measurement of achievement, but by your willingness to let go and to be in God’s presence.  God himself will praise each one of God’s children.

And what’s more is that the praise is personal and empowering.  Divine awards aren’t given a nation at a time, a church at a time, a generation at a time.  The crowns of honor and praise are given one at a time to every child of God. God himself will look into your eyes and bless you with the words of encouragement:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21) 

 So, testify to God’s Presence in your life.
Testify to Jesus’ power to heal.
Testify to how the Holy Spirit guides you.
Testify to forgive and being forgiven.
Testify to being set free from the bondage of past sufferings.
Testify to how Jesus has called you by name.
Testify to your willingness to follow.
Testify to change so longed for.
Testify to trusting God’s plan for your life.
Testify to the power of proclaiming the Gospel.
Testify to God’s goodness and mercy.
Blessings and keeping all of you in my prayers…

–Pastor Timothy


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